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What we do

Atlantia Advisers is a dynamic strategic advisory, regulatory and compliance consulting boutique, headquartered in New York City, that provides a comprehensive range of regulatory and compliance solutions to financial services organizations and FinTech firms.


Our services include special engagements, ongoing support and ad-hoc inquires and cover the entire range of a client’s lifecycle, from start-ups to mature companies. 

How we do it

Our clients are strategic thinkers.  They care about their business, reputation, time and resources.  And we do too. Our approach is simple:


We listen. We ask questions. We learn. Each client’s business is unique and so is their business model, infrastructure, culture of compliance and tolerance to risk.


We collaborate and guide clients to proactively anticipate and mitigate potential exposure to regulatory and compliance liability and we provide strategies for de-risking the compliance infrastructure.  We also support clients during a critical time, whether it is a regulatory audit, an M&A transaction, or a business change, such as a succession planning event.



We develop a custom-designed solution that is designed for each client’s business model and catered to their particular need. 


Who we help
Our clients are FinTech firms, cryptocurrency trading firms, digital platform/robo-advisers, hedge funds, traditional investment advisers, hedge funds, wealth managers, family offices, and private equity firms, based in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe. 
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